I'm Catur Achmadi

Full Stack Developer

Motto: "The Future Starts Today"


About Me

Since high school, I have adopted the principle of not limiting my abilities and have continued to uphold it until now. Delving into information systems and industry during my college years and career has deepened my understanding of this principle. A diverse range of experiences in creating integrated information systems with industrial processes has become my primary goal.

With over a decade of experience working and facing various challenges in the field, I now find it easier to understand the dynamics at play. Currently, I am working on a project to develop an integrated manufacturing information system and warehouse management system. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me through the various social media platforms available on this website.



I specialize in developing web-based applications using PHP,Node.JS and MySQL to effectively meet data processing and information management needs.


My professional background includes working as a Welder in the vehicle assembly process at the Body Shop, where I utilized various techniques such as Portable Spot Welding (PSW), CO2 Welding, and ARC Welding.


I have honed my expertise by performing precise measurements with specialized tools like Faro and Hexagon, further enhancing my skills and competencies as an engineer in the automotive industry.

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